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Ride with Tradition, Ride with Confidence

Since our founding in 1977, Keng Soon Auto has a tradition of providing personalised, hassle-free car rental at competitive rates

We are proud to have a modest fleet of over 300 vehicles, which rank as one of the newest fleets in the market. We are committed to provide problem free vehicles, comprising a wide range of makes and models to suit individual budgets and lifestyles, serving both corporate and short-term customers. Our vehicles are well maintainted and constnatly upgraded for our customers to select from. We enhance our customer's motoring experience with value added services. Our customer basically get more for less. We ensure that customer's motoring needs is always well managed from the beginning of consultation, to the end of the rental contract and beyond. Our specially trained Customer Service Officers will ensure that you have a good and reliable service experience during the whole term of the contract.